Winning the War of the Flesh

Temptation happens. It’s the big hook that tries to trip us up again and again. But it most definitely is not God who’s trying to trip us up; it’s Satan. Temptation is his false advertising of a better way to get what we want… an easier and more pleasurable way of reaching our goal, fixing our problem, and satisfying our own desires- always in an inappropriate way that is outside of the will of God. But while Satan sends the cleverly disguised temptation, all dressed up in the bait that appeals to us most, he does not force it into our hands. No, we are the ones who work the process and take the bait designed to trap us. Temptation is a process: The allure of the lure draws us in; taking the bait hooks us and drags us away, and it never, ever ends well.

But the Good News is that God has provided a way of escape from temptation’s trap through the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in us. God knows that our flesh is weak, but He’s made provision for us and will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear. The key is to remember the consequences, remember God’s goodness, take your eyes off the bait and turn toward to the Word of God for strength in our weakness. It’s Jesus who makes us stronger than we think we are. It’s Jesus who makes us smarter than we think we are. It’s Jesus who makes us braver than we think we are. Apart from Jesus we can do absolutely nothing to win the war of the flesh (John 15:5b). But we can do all things through the resurrection power of Jesus who gives us strength in our weaknesses (Philippians 4:13; 2 Corinthians 12:9).

Sweet sister, don’t let the enemy play you for a fool another moment. Be wise to his disguise. Don’t take his phony bait! You have life in Jesus Christ; you are a child of the King… the best of His creation. You don’t need what that bait is offering you; you have everything you need in Christ! And…

…you are greatly and dearly loved by the King!




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