You are Wired With a Purpose

Recently, I was talking to a friend who is coming to the close of a season in her life and is looking for the next purposeful thing to do. After our conversation ended, I began to reflect on my own life. I thought about the things I have been called to do as well as the purposeful things I’ve done for God in each season he’s given me.

If you search the internet about finding your purpose, I’m sure you’ll find at least a bazillion books…and why is that? It’s because whether you are a Christian or not, we are desperate to know deep down that our life matters and there’s a purpose to it.

It’s how God designed us. We are wired by God with a purpose, for a purpose.

There was a season when I enjoyed a theater career on stage, but my purpose hasn’t led me to a life of fame. My calling may include moments of encouraging others in front of a camera or teaching in front of a crowd of people, but where my purpose gets lived out is in my living room.

Yep, you read that right! I fulfill the purpose God placed in me by doing day-to-day life with others. Nothing flashy, not lived out online or on stage, nothing to write home about. It’s just me in my living room, sitting across from another woman, investing in her faith, encouraging her in God’s Truth. Sometimes, it looks like taking a walk with them, meeting for coffee, or answering the phone and listening when they call.

Those are the things that have made the biggest difference. Those are the things of ministry, of fulfilling the purpose God has placed inside me. In those simple, day-to-day moments are where the sweetest and the deepest ministry has happened in my life.

And that is what is waiting for you, too, in whatever season you find yourself in. So, take a moment to reflect on all that’s been poured into you. Then, think about how you can be ready to pour into somebody out there who needs you. Maybe it looks like answering a phone call next time your phone rings with the intent to listen. Or making the first move to invite a neighbor over for coffee. Or writing a note of encouragement…just because.

Pray about it and ask the Lord for his help and direction. Then, open your front door and ask him to bring someone into your living room who you can pour your life into for his purpose. When you do, you’ll find yourself no longer wondering what your purpose is, because you’re already living in it.

I love y’all!