Can we confidently believe that God is always right?

Are you feeling a little unsteady these days?

Let’s talk about foundations to build our life upon. In Matthew 7 we’re told there are only two foundations on which to build: Rock or sand. One is solid. One is shifty. Which foundation have you chosen to build upon–to shelter and support yourself and your family–in order to withstand the storms of life?

Rock represents the reliability of the true Truth of God’s Word. Sand, on the other hand, is the ever-changing ways of the world, the culture, and its popular opinion that masquerades as truth. We hear sandy foundations called “my truth” or “your truth” but…that’s not true Truth. That kind of “truth” is what you feel and what you think is true because it supports a lifestyle you want to live.

When your personal belief gets built on sand, it becomes infused with lies that twist the true Truth, according to what feels right rather than what is right. Not only is it not true Truth, it’s not 100% reliable, 100% of the time.

Sand will always shift and change as the culture changes around us. If your foundation shifts and changes to suit the times, it won’t support you and it won’t keep you standing firm in your faith at all.

So, where are you placing your trust?

On something that is shifting and moving? On something that feels right today but by tomorrow it’ll change? Or are you placing your trust on something that is solid and foundational and eternal and strong?

Remember just because it feels right, or it seems right, doesn’t mean it is right. But there is a way that is right. And there is a way that is wrong. And there are consequences to both. Proverbs 16:25 and Proverbs 14:12 tell us the same thing and exhort us with this, “There is a way that seems right to a man or a woman, but in its end is the way to death.”

There is a wrong way and a right way.

The way that seems right (because the culture is screaming it is) is a just a way that ends up leading to something that will harm us or even, eventual death.

Psalm 1 describes a path and a fork in the road. One way leads to an end that is unrighteous and one leads toward righteousness. So, we’ve got to decide at some point that we are going to choose the right path (God’s path) and that the other path is no longer an option because it’s not the way of true Truth. Choosing the way of truth is always the right way, because God’s way is never the wrong way.

Think on this: God is never wrong.

  • I know that sounds simplistic, but think about it:
  • God never does the wrong thing.
  • He never says the wrong thing
  • Therefore, God is always right.
  • Therefore, we can always trust God.

That should be so crazy encouraging to you and me! Because in this life, we are constantly scratching our heads over what is true and what is right. So much information is constantly coming at us and we’re always needing to discern what is the true Truth? Well, God is the true Truth. We can build our life on that foundation of truth and trust him.

If we’re going to stand firm in our faith, we’ve got to stand on the true Truth of God’s Word and confidently trust and believe God—and that he is always right. Whether we like it or not, God is always right. But we’ll never trust or believe whom we do not know, and we’ll never know God and his Truth apart from His Word.

So, in order to know true Truth and detect truth from lies, you’re going to need a Bible. There’s just no way to navigate what true Truth is and live it and to be able to discern what the lies are, unless you’re spending regular time reading and studying the recorded Word of God.

God’s laws–his ways, his commandments, his rules and instructions for us–always start in his loving heart and lead us in a way that is always best, always good for us and always right for us. No matter how much the world changes and shifts around us, the solid foundation–the rock of God’s Word–will never change and will always hold you steady in his truth and in his love.

I love y’all!