God’s Relentless Pursuit of You

In the beginning, everything started out as good. God created everything. And he said, it is good. It is right. It is perfect. Everything was in its proper place, in proper alignment and relation to God, just as he intended. And everything was excellent in his sight. Not one thing was lacking that God created nor in how he created it. God thought of absolutely everything and he forgot nothing. It was all perfectly right. (See Genesis 1 & 2.)

So, what happened?

Well, sin happened. Sin crept into the heart of man and changed everything.

You see, God gave us “free will” which allows us to choose whether or not we want to obey God. When we choose not to obey God, we sin. It’s what causes us to doubt God and choose our own way. It’s sin that says, “You don’t have to do anything God’s way. Do it your way. Do what you want. Do what you believe.” It was that sinfulness and selfishness of mankind that twisted things and spoiled the perfectly appointed paradise that God had created for those he loved. And that sin, like a disease, infected all of mankind— continuing for centuries— and still happens in you and me today: Our hearts attempt to rewrite and redesign God’s perfect creation to suit our sinful and selfish desires.

But apart from God, nothing will function the way it’s supposed to. His intended way of everything is the only way, the right way, no matter what the popular opinion says, no matter what the culture is screaming about. No matter what the reimagined laws mankind tries to create, God is still ultimate. He is still the God of “in the beginning,” and He is the God of the end—the Alpha and Omega of everything— and therefore the Ultimate in everything.

When we exercise our free will and buck the system, when we turn away from God and walk apart from his truth, it separates us from God. And that’s the problem. That’s what sin did: It separated us from God. And in order to restore that relationship between God and man the penalty for sin had to be paid—and that penalty is death (Romans 6:23).

Now God, who is always right, knew that we would not always get it right, and he had already put a plan in motion to help us…to save us… before we ever knew we needed saving. God loved us so much that he wanted to make a way for us to come back to him, so he sent his one and only perfect Son, Jesus, to us and for us. There is no other name by which a person is saved for all of eternity than the name of Jesus (Acts 4:12).

So, if you believe God loves you enough to save you, why wouldn’t you believe that he calls you to live the best life in the right and best way? Why wouldn’t you believe that God—who created everything perfectly— has the right and best and beautiful plan for you and for your life? If you believe that the God who sent Jesus as an atonement— as a covering for your sin— to take your place and die for your sin, then why wouldn’t you believe that that same God is right about everything else in the world?

Jesus is the human embodiment of God, and of every good, right, perfect, beautiful, and lovely way of God. He is in relentless pursuit of us… to help us find our way back to him, and that way begins with repentance. One of the many beautiful things about free will and our relationship with God, through our Savior Jesus Christ, is that we get to repent. We get to repent. What a gift! As soon as you sense a conviction in your spirit about whatever wrong thing you’re doing or thinking (or have done or have thought), you have the opportunity to repent. Take whatever it is and confess it to God. Confession is agreeing with God on the matter of your sin. He’ll listen. Call it what it is (it’s sin) and tell God where you’ve been wrong, how sorry you are, and then repent.

Repent means to turn and walk in the opposite direction back toward God, literally to turn around—in our thoughts and in our actions— and walk away from the sin and head in the opposite direction toward God. That is truly something awesome that we get to repent immediately, the minute we’re aware of whatever we’re doing that is not God’s best for us!

Jesus is gentle, loving and kind… but oh, y’all, he’s tough on sin. He doesn’t want sin to wreck your life, and that’s exactly what it will do if it’s left unchecked and unrepentant.

So, whatever it is, whatever your struggle, as you reflect this Holy Week on all that Jesus has done for you– to take on the sin of the world, your sin, to set you free– won’t you take advantage of that wonderful gift and repent? Run to him. He’s waiting. He’s patiently waiting for you and for me, “Calling, O, sinner, come home.”

I love y’all!
xo – P❤️