Run From Sexual Sin

No sin has more devastating and damaging effects on the body and mind than sexual sin does. And yet it’s treated casually in the church. Look at just one popular example: Couples living together outside of marriage. Not only is this practice tolerated in the culture, but it’s become accepted in the church as pastors and clergy give their approval in marrying couples who are living together.

Just because something is socially acceptable doesn’t mean that it’s spiritually appropriate or right. That’s a biblical fact.

But we would rather be seen as tolerant and gracious, kind and understanding than morally/biblically true.

That’s just cheap grace and it cheapens the name of Christ in your witness, and removes the hand of God’s blessing and favor on your life. We do no one any favors by throwing cheap grace at what God calls sin—of any kind. And it changes nothing.

My husband and I do a lot of premarital counseling, and John has officiated the marriages of hundreds of couples over the years. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve entered into a sweet time of counseling with a couple who is living together. John will gently explain to them why it’s biblically wrong, and why he cannot marry them as long as they live together. We pray with them and urge them to confess their sin, repent and separate throughout their engagement. Without exception, each couple who has chosen to do the right thing and separate—living in purity before their marriage—has come back to say what a huge difference it made, and how much peace and joy they experienced in honoring God by entering into this holy union the right way!

So, whatever your sin is…face up to it and deal with it m—decisively. The law of sin has natural consequences, and if it’s not dealt with you put your whole body at risk (1 Corinthians 6).

God’s grace is such that He has given us the GIFT of confession and repentance. Yes! We *get* to repent— agree with God on the matter if your sin and choose to turn and run from it.

Don’t miss God’s blessing and favor over your life and marriage. Deal with your sin today. God loves you! He’s for you! He forgives confessed sin!!

I love y’all!
xo P♥️