What to do when facing a hard decision

Where do you go when you’re up against a really big decision? When you’ve got some difficult thing that’s happening in your life… or some hard situation you find yourself in… where do you go for answers, for guidance and direction?

Well, the Bible calls those kinds of things trials. These trials come into our life to test our faith and to create a dependency between us and God–so that we will look to him for answers. In James 1:5, we’re told, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him” (emphasis added). One translation says, “Ask of the giving God who gives generously.” That’s who God is! And, he makes his wisdom available to you.

The trials we encounter can create in us a deeper dependency on more of God. That’s how much God loves us. He knows we’re going to have hard times on this planet. And he says, I’ve got you covered. I’ve gone before you in it. I’ve come up behind you in it (Deuteronomy 31:6) and I’ve got wisdom for you that no one else can give you. So where else would we go? Right? Nowhere else. So, go to the giving God who gives generously of the wisdom that you need for the trial you are in right now.

Some trials are really hard and scary

Remember that it’s okay to be scared as you walk through this trial. All through the Old Testament, we see God walking with his people and encouraging them in their trials. But, we don’t see God saying, You’ve got this! Just smile and pretend it’s all going to be ok! Not at all! No, we see God telling his people to Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Be brave. (James 1:5) What does God mean by this? He’s saying, Trust me! I’m going before you in this trial, and I’m fighting for you (Exodus 14:14). But he never says it won’t be scary for us.

You might be going through something that’s really got you rattled. God is telling you not to let that fear paralyze you. He’s saying, Trust me. Read my words. Stand in the truth and the strength of what I’ve already told you. But you know what? It’s okay to be scared. Whatever you’re going through right now, God knows how hard it is and how scary it can be to be us on this planet. So, allow yourself to be scared and trust him anyway.

Two Final Things…

When it comes to trials,
#1 Nothing you’re going through catches God by surprise.
#2 God does not have question marks in his punctuation.

What do I mean by that? Sometimes the trials we go through are huge curve balls that catch us off our guard. We get blindsided and we think, Where are you, God? Listen, God was much more aware of the trial than you ever were…long before it came across your path. He was already there dealing with it, working in it to bring about a conclusion that will be for your good and his glory (Romans 8:28).

You might be left with things that have you scratching your head. Not God. He’s never looking around, scratching his head, wondering what’s next. God never doesn’t have an answer. He never doesn’t have a way or a solution. God always knows what to do.

And here’s the thing: If you’ve been with me awhile you’ve heard me say it time and again. God is the only one who can do anything about everything–absolutely everything­–that concerns you. He’s got answers. He’s got wisdom. He’s got understanding. He is wisdom. He is understanding. So, seek him out. Whatever hard thing you’re in, press into God. He has no question marks and he’s not caught by surprise.

I love y’all so much—and don’t forget that you are greatly and dearly loved by The King!